May 29 - June 31

Cost -


Commuter: $50

Linens - $15 per person

Being a camper shouldn't end when you become an adult, it should get better!  Young Adult Weekend provides an experience that will remind you of all the fun you had at camp as a kid while also spending time meeting new people, worshiping together and spending time learning from the teaching of the Bible.  Imagine a weekend that includes camp games like dodgeball, volleyball, frisbee and Archery Tag, getting on the water in canoes and kayaks or just enjoying some board games in the Knutes Coffee Bar.  The weekend is more than just about having fun though.  Take a break from the busyness you are in, slow down and enjoy a weekend focused on God and His work in your life!  You will leave the weekend encouraged and refreshed!

Retreat starts with ice cream social on Friday night.  Meals include breakfast Saturday through Breakfast on Sunday.