Wait Staff

Purpose: To prepare and clean the dining room before and after each meal and to serve the needs of guests during the meal.



reports to the Head of Wait Staff


  1. Set up dining room before the guests arrive for each meal.

  2. During the meal, wait staff will be responsible for 3-4 tables. They should be providing beverages, assisting with special food needs and meeting any other needs relating to food and drink that the guests might have (e.g. providing a high chair).

  3. After the guests have finished their meal, begin clearing tables and clean up the tables, chairs and surrounding floor area.

  4. On Saturday, perform deep-cleaning chores in the dining hall, such as: window washing, refilling napkin dispensers, thorough vacuuming, etc.

  5. Uniforms must be worn for every meal unless otherwise directed.


  1. A sincere desire to serve the Lord with a β€œservant-like attitude.”

  2. Friendly, outgoing personality.

  3. Have an ability to deal cheerfully with many different types of people, some of whom can be very demanding at times.

  4. Be able to work together with others with a team spirit.

  5. Be able to follow instructions and submit to authority.