Interested in working at Camp Spofford?

If you want to spend your summer in Christian community, learning about discipleship, developing a good work ethic, and making great friends, then this place is for you!  For our summer staff we have two commitments, one we ask of you and one we give to you:

We ask that you commit to work with us, to the best of your ability, to fulfill Spofford’s mission.  

We will commit to being intentional about making space for God to capture your heart and grow your faith.  

We look at the verse in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “All for the Glory of God” as a reminder on how to embrace the Summer.  As we look toward this summer, we can be assured that God will work in the lives of the current Spofford Staff just as he has in years past.  You are following a legacy of over 50 years of Spofford Staff!  It will be a summer where you can make lasting friendships, grow in your own faith and serve others for God’s glory!

Application and Hiring Process

There is still time to apply!
We have several positions available and are accepting applications for summer staff 2019!

To apply, you can complete an electronic application here.  2019 application, a Spiritual Reference form and a Character Reference form are due by February 12th.  Please take the time to fill out the application seriously, and we look forward to getting to know more about you through your application.

We begin to hire staff in early March and if you have been selected you will receive a contract along with instructions on everything you will need to submit prior to starting your summer job.

In addition, all staff and volunteers who are hired for 2019 will be required to submit to a background check and take Praesidium’s online training which focuses on how to prevent the sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults by employees, volunteers, and other program participants.

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Summer Opportunities

Adventure Day Camp – A staff of 3 who work with our Day Camp Program for children who are 5-10 years old.  Every week you are supervising 20 kids and running programs each day from 8 AM – 4:30 PM. 

Department Head: Ashley Shoman.

Child Care – A staff of 8 who work with our pre-camper and nursery children (ages 0-7), providing programming for the kids who are at Camp Spofford with their families.  You will also help out in the snack shop and Knutes each week.

Department Head: Hilary Martel.

Counseling Staff – A staff of 16, 8 men and 8 women, who will work together to run Camp Spofford’s Youth Camp.  Every week you will be in a cabin with up to 12 campers, and responsible for their safety, program and discipleship while they are at Camp.  Must be out of High School for at least one year. 

Department Head: Graham Jensen.

Dish Crew – A staff of 6 who work take care of all things clean-up for every meal.  Pots, pans, dishes and everything else that needs to be washed and ready to us again.  Typically works 2 out of 3 meals each day. 

Department Head : Doug Hildreth.

Food Service – A staff of 8 who cook, cut, grill, prep and serve all the food.  Much of the prep is form scratch, and you learn a variety of kitchen skills when working.  Typically works 2 out of 3 meals each day. 

Department Head : Doug Hildreth

Other Staff – Other unique positions that are not in their own department include Assistant Program Director, Explorer Directors, Adventurer Directors, Head of Boys and Head of Girls Staff, Videographer and Sound Technician.  See Job Descriptions for more information about each position.

Housekeeping – A staff of 7 who work are responsibility of keeping all of Camp’s room and bathrooms clean and welcoming to our guests.  Includes everything from making beds to cleaning toilets.  You will also work in Knutes each week. 

Department Head : Jen Fauske.

KnutesNew in 2019!  A staff of 4 who will work alongside staff from other departments to serve both food and coffee drinks in the evening café and the morning coffee shop.  You will alternate morning and night shifts and help in child care during the morning hours.

Department Head : Janeen Dorrity.

Maintenance – A staff of 4 who works all over the grounds of Camp Spofford, keeping everything clean, safe and working.  You will mow lawns, empty trash, unclog toilets and so much more.  You will also help in the dish room once a week. 

Department Head : Bob Rathbun.

Wait Staff – A staff of 6 who work in the Dining Room during meals.  Responsible for setup, clean up and serving the guests during each meal.  Great job to meet lots of people.  Typically works all 3 meals each day. 

Department Head : Mindy Benjamin.

Waterfront – A staff of 6 lifeguards and 2 boat drivers.  Responsible for the safety and entertainment of our families and campers on the Beach and in the water.  You will also work in Knutes one night a week. 

Department Head : Robin Mills.