You shall raise up the foundations of many generations
— Isaiah 58:12

Our hope…

is to see more boys and girls raised up to know and follow Jesus and become a foundation for their entire generation.  This project includes a new chapel on the second floor dedicated to the youth of Camp Spofford.  It will be a place for our campers and staff in the Summer and youth groups in the winter, where kids will worship together, hear the Bible taught and make decisions to follow Jesus.  In addition to the Chapel, we will convert 40 beds from summer only to year round usage, giving us an opportunity to host larger groups of youth in the winter.


What we plan to do

Replacing our Boy's Staff cabin with a year round two story building.  Housing on the first floor and a 150-seat chapel on the 2nd floor.

Start Date - Fall 2019

1st Goal
$595,000 in pledges and cash by September 2019

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