September 20 - 22

This weekend is full of relaxation, fun, and fellowship. Listen to our speaker teach from the Word of God and chow down on some really delicious meals!

We have so many things for you to enjoy here for the Men’s Retreat, including archery, Rock wall, kayaking, canoeing, basketball, and much much more.

Speaker: Chris Wiles


These days, we’re all seeking status. We’ve been taught than the greatest human virtue is ambition.

You’re only as good as your last performance. Measure yourself by achievement, and you’ll only be ruled by arrogance or insecurity. Christianity says there’s “a more excellent way.” And that way is the way of love.

“Love is patient. Love is kind.”

If you have a background in church, you may have these verses stitched into a tote bag somewhere. But Paul’s words aren’t made for mere embroidery. They ring out as a manifesto against a culture of self-promotion and self-interest.

Love reveals God’s plan. It offers us a vision of our truest purpose, our character, and our destiny. Join us this September, as we explore how love can transform the hearts of men.

Guest Room - $135
Cabin/Tentel - $100
Commuter - $75
Thursday Night Arrival - $25 (no extra meals)
Linens - $15