Purpose: To maintain the grounds and buildings so that they enhance the total function and purpose of Camp.



reports to the Facilities Director


  1. Collect all garbage and dump into the dumpster.

  2. Mow and trim the grounds on a weekly basis.

  3. Do general maintenance which would include; painting, light carpentry, trim trees, gather wood for campfire, etc.

  4. Assist the Facilities Director in any major jobs.

  5. Make sure care and caution is used at all times in operating any piece of equipment.

  6. Dishroom 1x week and Knutes 1x week.

  7. Be sensitive to the needs of guests and peers.


  1. Have a sincere desire to serve the Lord with a “servant-like” attitude.

  2. Be able to follow instruction and submit to authority.

  3. Be able to work together with others to form a team spirit.

  4. Be able to handle “strenuous” work, often outside in hot weather.