Purpose: To assist the Waterfront Director in the upkeep of the waterfront area, to provide a full program of activities and to maintain a safe and wholesome environment at all times.



reports to Head of Waterfront


  1. To assist in the enforcement and modeling of all safety rules and regulations.

  2. To assist in the instruction of swimming and boating.

  3. To assist in the maintenance and the cleanliness of all waterfront area and equipment.

  4. To participate in special programs and waterfront activities as needed.

  5. To realize the tremendous responsibility of the position and to be alert and punctual at all times.


  1. Possession of a valid Red Cross Lifeguard Training Certificate.

  2. Have a love for people and children in particular.

  3. Have a sincere desire to serve the Lord with a β€œservant-like” attitude.

  4. Be able to work together with others with a team spirit.

  5. Be able to follow instructions and submit to authority.