Purpose: To assist in the operations of the Knutes cafe and coffee bar



reports to Head of Knutes


  1. Provide excellent customer service to patrons of Knutes

  2. Operate and clean all machines (e.g. espresso, dishwasher) pertinent to the production and service of Knutes cafe products

  3. Assist the Head of Knutes with set up and clean up of Knutes on a daily basis

  4. Expect to work 15-20 hours per week in childcare and/or housekeeping, in addition to 20-25 hours in Knutes


  1. A sincere desire to serve the Lord with a β€œservant-like attitude.”

  2. Possess a friendly and accommodating personality.

  3. Have an ability to deal cheerfully with many different types of people, some of whom can be very demanding at times.

  4. Be able to work together with others with a team spirit.