Purpose: The housekeeping staff is responsible for the cleanliness of all guest facilities and other areas as assigned.



reports to the Head of Housekeeping


  1. Clean all community bathrooms daily or more often as needed.

  2. Clean and prepare guest rooms and bathrooms daily.

  3. Clean and vacuum lounges daily.

  4. Wash and dry laundry as needed and directed.

  5. Keep laundry and supply rooms neat and clean at all times.

  6. Expect to carry out special projects after daily routine is complete.

  7. Work one night per week in Knute‘s.


  1. A sincere desire to serve the Lord with a “servant-like attitude.”

  2. Be able to deal with many different types of people, many who may be very demanding.

  3. Be able to work together with others to form a team spirit.

  4. Enjoy working with your hands and keeping environments tidy.

  5. Be able to follow instructions and submit to authority.