2019 Summer Staff Job Descriptions

Below you will find all of the positions we offer for the summer, what is required for that position and what qualifications you much have to be considered for hire.


Head Of Staff (Girls/Boys)

Purpose: Heads of Staff are responsible for the supervision and spiritual nurture of the younger youth staff


reports to Staff Coordinator


  1. Administer the policies set forth in the Camp Staff Handbook. Enforce appropriate disciplinary measures when necessary. Heads of Staff will live in the staff cabins with the youth staff to facilitate this administration.

  2. By modeling and instruction, set the spiritual tone for the youth staff. Encourage them in their spiritual growth through personal friendships, morning prayer, chapels, evening devotions, one-on-one discipleship, etc.

  3. Establish rapport as much as possible with youth staff to enable ministry to personal or relational needs that develop during the summer. Take appropriate initiative in reaching out to their questions and problems.

  4. Interact appropriately with each other, the Staff Coordinator, and other leadership staff for counsel, encouragement and prayer.

  5. Work alongside the youth staff among the various departments for the purpose of building relationships and rapport. This can include filling in for other people on their days off and helping in any area of camp where needed.

  6. On day off, find replacements for any normal responsibilities such as devotions, enforcing curfew, etc.

  7. Plan and execute weekly staff activities.

  8. Meet regularly with the Staff Coordinator.


  1. Heads of Staff should ideally be a mature college student or be between the ages of 20-25.

  2. Must exhibit a genuine love for youth with a willingness to serve and wisdom to care for them.

  3. Must exude leadership qualities.

  4. Have a mature, personal commitment to Jesus Christ as evidenced in their daily life.