How much does a week at Family Camp cost if we stay in a Camp Spofford Accommodation?  

You can find the prices for staying at camp HERE

Does Camp Spofford have camp or trailer sites available?

Yes, Camp Spofford has camp and trailer sites available. You can find the prices HERE

If I am staying in camp or trailer site, can I buy a food plan or buy meals individually?

Yes!  All meals can be bought at the dining hall or meal tickets can be pre-bought at the Camp Office.

You can find prices HERE.

I am staying in a near by, and I would like to come to Camp Spofford, eat meals and possibly have my kids in the childcare programs.  How much will that be and how do I register?

If you are staying close by and want to come to Camp, you will still need to register for usage, register your children for programs and pay for meals (prepay at the office or pay per meal at the Dining Hall). Please call or email the office to register.

Registration bands can be picked up at the Camp Office/Gift Shop when you arrive.

You can find the prices HERE.

Can I register online for Family Camp?  

No.  If you are interested in coming to Family Camp, you must call or email the office.  The office would love to help register you and your family.

When is my balance due?

June 1st.
You may go online HERE and pay, call the office with your credit card information or send a check.

What do I pack for a week of Family Camp? 

Clothing for at least 8 days (laundromat is a drive into town if you need to do laundry), sweatshirt or jacket, pajamas, umbrella, 1-2 bathing suits (some kids might need 3 because they practically live in their bathing suits), towels for the beach, beach chair, casual church clothes (simple skirt, nice shorts or pants, sandals). If you want to participate in the tournaments, you might want to pack softball glove, cleats, bike for the tin man, basketball sneakers. If you are in a tentel for the week, bring sleeping bags or bedding, pillows, and bath towels.  Tentels have a clothes line outside to hang wet towels and suits.  Camp also has bed rails for the tentel bunkbeds.  An additional fan and extra plugs are also helpful, since tentels have limited outlets.  Camp has games, beach toys, and a gym full of balls and equipment, though feel free to bring your own (tennis racquets, soccer balls, etc) if you don’t want to share.

I had a reservation this summer and I want to come back next summer.  How do I reserve my room for next summer? 

If you would like to reserve the same room during the same week, please call the office by October 31st! We ask for a $275 deposit to reserve your room.

I am new to Camp Spofford how do I make reservations?

Call or email the office November 1st or anytime after to see what is available!

I made a deposit for this summer, but I am realizing that I am unable to go, can I get my money back? Can I transfer my accommodation to another family? 

Unfortunately, all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What about pets?

We are sorry, pets are not allowed here at Camp Spofford.  Service Animals are always welcome.