Purpose: Contribute to the general operation of the food service program



reports to Food Service Director


  1. Turn on dishwasher before each meal and set out hot pans for silverware.

  2. Wipe down counters around dishwasher after each meal.

  3. Stack dishes according to color, design, size, etc.

  4. Clean out inside of dishwasher after each meal.

  5. Sweep and mop floor of dishroom area after each meal.

  6. Sweep and mop kitchen floor after evening meal.

  7. Wipe down all electrical appliances after evening meal.

  8. Check garbage bags after each meal, if full, take out to dumpster. After evening meal, all bags must go out to dumpster.


  1. A strong desire to serve the Lord with a β€œservant-like” attitude

  2. A desire to work together with others with a team spirit

  3. Be able to respect and follow authority

  4. A willingness to work hard and get dirty

* Note that long pants must be worn in the kitchen and dish room area.