Why Camp Matters

Almost every adult I talk to has a memory of camp from their own childhood.  They have a story of where they went, how old they were and what they did.  Many of these adults have some of the same friends they met at Camp.

Camp Spofford is filled with these stories.  We have been operating since 1962 and are beginning to serve our 4thgeneration of kids at our Camp.  I have one of these stories.  I grew up coming to Camp Spofford, met my wife at Camp Spofford, have friends I met here as a child and can attribute much of my spiritual growth to my time at Camp Spofford.

I look at this next generation of kids coming to Camp Spofford and I am excited for the friends they will make, the experience they will have and the chance to introduce them to Jesus.  In a world that can isolate, harm and set kids up for failure, Spofford is set apart as a place where children will flourish.  

I believe Camp is a powerful experience for children because of 4 main reasons:

  • It is outside a child’s normal routine

  • Children spend most of their time outdoors

  • There is a lot of face to face interaction with other children

  • Counselors are invested in being a positive older role model while sharing Jesus with them

These make the power of Camp a unique experience that can have a positive influence on any child. What we do with this influence matters. As we begin the process of evaluating and changing our youth programming, we are doing it with three goals in mind for each child.

  1. Character– We want kids to learn patience, self-control, respect, kindness, grit, teamwork and love.  Whether it is a game or a meal, in the cabin or on the beach, we will be intentional about building character.

  2. Confidence– With age-appropriate challenges we will let them work through frustration to meet them, whether they're attempting the climbing wall, playing dodgeball or learning how to swim.

  3. Care for Others– In a world that promotes selfishness and independence, we want to see kids choose a different path that puts others needs before their own.  In the cabin, on the playing field and at the table we will teach kids what it means to put others first.

All of what we do is rooted in the truth of the Gospel.  We are created by God, separated from Him by our sin, saved by Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit when we choose to believe in Him.  We combine the Camp experience with the work of the Holy Spirit to see our children grow in character, confidence and care for others.

We are also combining the science of child development with the truth found in the Bible to develop programs and set goals for kids that will create life long memories of fun and life long skills that they will grow up with and impact the world with.


Dan Syvertsen

Executive Director