Pay off the debt that we incurred to build Granite Lodge.

Install a cooling system in our new dining hall.

Refurbish our aging icon- the Gazebo.

Replenish and replace aging boats, kayaks and boards.

Build a High Ropes Course for the purpose of team unity, skills training and adventure.

Five ways you can help Camp Spofford

Has Camp Spofford blessed and impacted your life? Would you like to be a part of helping camp grow and continue to bless others? Here are FIVE SPECIFIC ways that we need your help in 2017-2018.

The Board of Directors established the Five Component Capital Campaign in June 2017 to run through June of 2018.  The five components are:

  •  Granite Debt.  This lodge was built in 2006 and has 10 hotel-style rooms and a large meeting space downstairs.  It is used year round and is almost always booked full. With a balance of $400,000, this mortgage costs the camp $45,000 per year in principal and interest.
  •  Dining Hall.  The new dining hall, now open all year, was built in 2015 and is truly enjoyed by all who come!  Guests enjoy eating on the patio, or sitting under the huge canoe that hangs from the ceiling. Now that the dining hall has been built and completely paid off, we would like to install a cooling system to make it more comfortable for guests.
  • Gazebo.  This icon of Camp Spofford needs some TLC!  People still love to hang out in the gazebo, take family pictures, pick blueberries from its ledge, as well as meet for early morning prayer.  We want to restore it to its former beauty.
  • Waterfront.  The amount of campers and guests that enjoy the beach’s boats, life jackets, boards, paddles, etc. is increasing annually.  We need to replace them nearly every year for the sake of safety and wear and tear.
  • High Ropes Course.  Who wouldn’t want to try this out?  We have a low ropes course.  So, let’s go higher!  This will add a new dimension of adventure, intensity and team building for campers and retreat groups.


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The goal of the campaign, to reduce the debt and provide for the other 4 items listed, is $160,000. 

We are pleased and very grateful to report our progress thus far:

  • During 2017, both before and after the campaign started in June, we received monies to reduce the debt by $142,330. This puts the present debt at about $400,000.
  • The cooling system in the Dining Hall fund has raised about $35,000.
  • Since the campaign started, we have received about $6,000 for the gazebo.
  • To date, we have received no monies toward the waterfront equipment or the high ropes course.
  • We have also received about $33,000 in designate monies for the overall campaign.

So, how can you help us moving forward?? 

Pledge or send designate monies toward the Capital Campaign. This will allow the board of directors to use your donations toward the greatest need first, (reducing the debt), then use the remaining funds for the other items.

However, if you have a passion for one or more of the other items on the list, by all means, designate your monies toward the item(s), and we will honor your request.  If we receive more money than necessary for a particular project, we will contact you and ask your permission to transfer your donation to another item on the list.  Our ultimate goal is to be faithful stewards of God’s provision, while at the same time, honor the desires of our camp families and friends. We cannot maintain or grow this ministry without you!

You can pledge monies to the campaign in the following ways:

  • Donate on our website- Click on “CLICK HERE TO DONATE”
  • call the office at 603-363-4788
  • mail your donation to PO Box 162, Spofford, NH 03462
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