At Camp Spofford we recognize the importance of keeping your children safe. Safety is our highest priority and the foundation for everything else we do at the Camp.  Providing an environment where kids and families can be transformed by Jesus Christ requires us to do everything we can to make Camp a safe place for everyone.

Below is a summary of what we are doing to ensure this safe environment. If you have any questions or concerns you can call us at 603-363-4788 and get more information.



Camp Spofford has partnered with Praesidium, a recognized national leader in child abuse prevention. Through this partnership, we have implemented Praesidium’s abuse risk management program for camps, “Camp Care.” Camp Care includes the following:

  • On-line abuse prevention training for all staff and volunteers which focuses on the recognition of red flag behaviors and how to respond to these behaviors in a camp environment.
  • Abuse prevention policies and procedures designed to protect campers, staff, and the camp.
  • A Screening & Selection Toolkit which includes sample applications, sample reference check questions, and sample interview questions all designed to assess for abuse risk during the hiring process.
  • We also have incorporated the Praesidium Youth Code of Conduct, please click here for more information regarding our policy.


Staff Selection
  • Applicants must fill out an extensive application – answering many personal questions regarding character, social involvement, family, education, legal background and past experiences.
  • A Pastoral Reference and a Character Reference is required for each summer staff applicant.
  • We conduct background checks on every staff member using an outside independent information monitoring company called Praesidium before the beginning of each summer. (
Staff Training
  • Our summer staff as a whole takes part in a week-long orientation process prior to the start of the summer season. This covers camp policies, staff conduct, job training and safety, and abuse prevention and reporting.
  • Verbal, physical and sexual abuse prevention, identification and reporting are vital components of the orientation process. In compliance with New Hampshire State Law, we are required to report abuse to the proper law enforcement agencies.
  • Camp Counselors undergo a two week, 30 hour training program to prepare to work closely with the campers.


  • College-Age Counselors are hired for Our Youth Camp: With 2 college-aged counselors assigned to each cabin, several adult support staff remain on hand to provide programming, extra supervision, and safety.
  • We hire 2 Assistant Program Directors to supervise counselors and activities to provide an additional level of leadership.
  • The #1 form of abuse and/or bullying that occurs at camps is camper to camper.  In order to prevent this at Spofford, our staff is trained and prepared to identify and handle potential situations.
  • Our staff to camper ratio is about 1 to 6.
  • 1 on 1 Policy
    • While we encourage discipleship through 1 on 1 interaction, it always happens in open public areas and must be same sex mentorship.
  • All Camper activities are monitored and supervised by trained staff members. No camper is permitted to be unsupervised at any time.
  • Staff members leading specialized activities are certified. Archery instructors are trained through New England of Archery and Ropes Course leaders are trained through High Five Adventure.


  • A complete Waterfront staff is on duty anytime the beach is open. All Waterfront staff, including Lifeguards and Boat Drivers, maintain current Red Cross certification, with additional training to use our Automated External Defibrillator.
  • All youth must pass a swimming test to check their swimming strength if they desire to swim beyond our designated shallow swim area.
  • All campers, including adults, are required to wear a life jacket when participating in boating, kayaking, tubing and skiing activities.
  • Boat Drivers must be 18 or older and earn a commercial boating license through The State of New Hampshire Marine Patrol. A safety spotter is required to be on the boat to assist the driver whenever a camper is being pulled.


Healthy Diet
  • Fresh Fruits and vegetables are available at all meals.
  • Campers are monitored by their counselors to ensure they are eating at each meal.
  • Water is available at every meal, as well at outdoor activities on hot days.
  • They are only given a certain amount of money each day to spend on candy, soda and ice cream.
Kitchen Regulations
  • Camp Spofford’s kitchen is regulated and inspected annually by the State of New Hampshire Health Department.
  • Our Food Service Director is a certified instructor with ServSafe, the leading food safety organization in the country.
  • All campers use Hand Sanitizer before entering the Dining Hall.
  • In cases involving severe allergies, alternative food choices can be provided on a limited basis with advanced notice.
  • Campers may bring pre-prepared food items depending on storage availability and must speak with our food service director prior to attendance.


  • A Registered Nurse is on grounds at all times.
  • A secondary RN or health care assistant is also on staff to aid the Camp Nurse.
Camper Safety
  • In compliance with NH State Law, all Youth Campers must have a current completed medical form with physician certified proof of up-to-date immunizations on file before entrance into any Youth Camp program.
  • All Campers undergo a head and foot check before moving into the cabin.
  • First Aid kits are located in every cabin.
  • The nurses are introduced to the campers on the first night, and they go through safety tips for the week.
  • Counselors are given a list of medication needs for their campers, and they help remind them to see the nurse.
Local Emergency Response
  • Cheshire Medical Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, a full-service acute care hospital, is located 7 miles from Camp.
  • The village of Spofford has an Emergency Response Team accessible via 911.