Accommodation Rates for 2017

AccomodationsStaySingleDoubleCollege*** and Teen**8-12**4-7**0-3**
All-Season Units* (Family Camp)Weekly$725$1246$327$293$205$110
Tentels (Family Camp)Weekly$414$683$268$239$129$90
All-Season Unit* (Labor Day)Weekend$305$477$116$106$80$45
Tentel (Labor Day)Weekend$144$242$100$105$61$40

Above rates include 3 meals per day.
Note: Labor Day Weekend runs from Friday evening to Monday morning and includes two chapel sessions (Sunday morning and evening).  New this summer, a Thursday arrival option is available for anyone who wants to get a jump start on the weekend. For $125 per family, get an extra overnight stay along with Friday breakfast and lunch.

* Chalet, Hampshire, Cheshire, Chesterfield, Granite Lodge
** Includes weekly Nursery, Precampers, Explorer and Adventurer Program fees
*** Dependent students up to age 22 and enrolled in college and coming with their parents


Camping Rates

Site/StatusStaySite Rate
Tent SiteDaily$75
Trailer SiteDaily$79
Tent Site (Labor Day)Weekend$100
Trailer Site (Labor Day)Weekend$120


Usage Fees for Unregistered Guests†


Note: Rates vary for Labor Day Weekend. Call the office for special pricing.

† Unregistered guests are those who are staying in accommodations OFF of Camp Spofford’s grounds (local hotels, etc) or are staying in a trailer site that is not registered as their own (a friend or relative’s seasonal trailer, etc.) The usage fees entitles one to safely enjoy the grounds and gymnasium and participate in beach activities.  Meals and kids’ programs are not included in this price.


Meal Prices for Campsites and Unregistered Guests

Daily PricesBreakfast$8$5$4
Total Weekly*Pre-pay Total**$160$99$83
Post-meal Purchase Total$180$115$93

No charge for children under 3.

* Includes 20 Meals (Saturday lunch not included)
** A $1 discount will be applied per person, per meal if purchased in advance. Otherwise, the full amount will be collected at AT THE DINING HALL.


Program Fees for Campsites and Unregistered Guests

Precampers (Rangers & Cubs)$15$75
To register for camp, call us at (603) 363-4788 on or after the first business day in November.  Once you have a confirmed registration, you will simply need to send your $275 ($60 for camp sites) deposit by check or credit card to the camp office within five (5) business days.  Payment in full is due by June 1st. Please Note: New reservations will NOT be taken prior to the first business day in November.
Q: How can I find out if there are any accommodations left?
A: Simply call the camp office at 603-363-4788 and ask!

Q: Will I get my deposit back if I cancel my registration?
A: No. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q: Can I change my reservation week?
A: Reservation changes may be made based on availability but are subject to a $50 processing fee if you would like to change your week subsequent to June 1.

Q: Is there a possibility to upgrade or change in accommodations?
A: Absolutely, based on availability. Contact the camp office to inquire. There is no charge at any time for these types of changes.

Q: How is the food?
A: Professional quality with great variety; buffet-style food, all-you-can-eat.

Q: Can my child stay in a cabin and be a part of the youth camp program while I/we stay and participate in the family camp program?

A: Yes. Parents who want to place their child in the Youth Camp program in session at the same time as their Family Camp week can register their child at any point before or after December 1, based on availability. A $125 registration fee per child will be charged at that time. All other Youth Camp registrations will be taken after December 1.

Q: If my spouse or other family member cannot attend the Family Camp for the entire week can we get a partial reimbursement?
A: It depends on how long your spouse will be here with us. After a certain number of nights, it makes more sense for you to pay the double rate than the single weekly rate for you and the nightly rate for your spouse.  Call the office and we will help you figure out the best option.

Q: While attending the week, some family members miss some meals due to a variety of reasons (shopping, hiking, eating out, sleeping in, etc.). Will we get a partial reimbursement?
A: No, our prices reflect the knowledge that not all meals are attended by our guests. Logistically, we cannot track this. We thank you for your understanding.

Q: If my child has been attending Camp for a long time and does not meet the age/grade requirement to enter Explorers or Adventures, will you make an exception for our child?
A: We regret that we cannot accommodate such requests. We have to make a cut-off at some age/grade that is consistently and fairly applied to everyone.

Q: Is chapel attendance required?
A: No. We hope that you come to be challenged and encouraged by attending the services that we provide. A vacation with a purpose!

Q: Do you have wireless?
A: We have spent a tremendous amount of time and money developing wireless access for our guests. Unfortunately, it has not resulted in the service we hoped to offer due to our remote location. We are in the midst of working on a better connection.  If you require the use of extended Internet service, coffee shops in Keene and Brattleboro are a very short drive.

Q: Does Camp Spofford have a dress code?
A: Modest and appropriate is the standard here at camp. Although it may be summer, we have an expectation of “skin coverage” that we believe is necessary in our culture, even within the Christian community. Therefore, no “short” shorts, spaghetti straps, low-cut (revealing) tops or shirts that reveal skin at the midriff. Also, only modest one-piece or tankini bathing suits with full midriff coverage are permitted. Thank you for your assistance in this sensitive area.