Are you coming to Family Camp this summer?

Each week of Family Camp at Camp Spofford we have the pleasure of having a pastor or spiritual leader teach us during chapel times.  While the kids are in their age appropriate programs, the adults get some special treatment, too.  These speakers bring us the spiritual nourishment that edifies us so that we can be a change agent and light in our communities, work and homes.  There is nothing quite like having an entire week of going to chapel, then on to coffee hour in front of the dining hall, and then an afternoon of relaxing on the beach.

This year we welcome some new speakers to Camp Spofford!  You may recognize them.  Each have been to camp before but never as a Family Camp speaker.  Read on to see if you are here the week that they are…


Warm greetings from Bonnie, Scotland!  Below, you will see a photo of my wife Anne and I at Loch Lomond,  and a second of Loch Lomond itself because it is so beautiful!  We have three sons.  Kyle is married to Amanda. They have a son name Andrew and another baby on the way who should arrive during Week 6 or thereabouts! Kyle serves as tech director for a large Church in Bellingham, Washington State.  My second son is David,  married to Pauline. They have a son Oliver and live about 5 miles away from us. Our youngest, Jonny, lives about 8 miles away in Glasgow City Centre.

A little bit about me… I came to faith over 40 years ago. I am still overwhelmed when I think of how God reached out and touched my life. He used the birth of a lamb! As I process it all these years later, I can only say that God’s invisible world touched my visible world in that moment. It was several years before I came to understand that the Lord paid the debt incurred by my sin on the cross.

Anne and I are so looking forward to being at Camp Spofford. We were there last year and felt as though we were on holy ground


I’m the Senior Pastor of Meadowbrook Church in Milwaukee, WI. This is a new role for me as I accepted the position earlier this year. When I’m not preaching or pastoring I love spending time with my family. I’ve has been married to my beautiful wife Becky for 10 years. We have three wonderful girls, Kate (5), Emma (4), Lucy (2), who keep us very busy. In addition to family time, my wife and I love to stay active. Over the last few years she and I have run in 4 half marathons.

Lately, God has been teaching me about the power of surrender. It’s only when we fully give ourselves to God that His power and might are able to fully work in and through us. I’m looking forward to speaking at camp this summer over Labor Day weekend.