Does your church, small group, bible study, or leadership team need a break? Consider hosting them for a get-away in the Fall, Winter or Spring! Tell us the number in your party and what you’re looking for, and we take care of the rest! Enjoy a time of quiet in God’s beautiful creation, while we provide housing, meals, and conference space. You can join us for a Camp-sponsored retreat, or you can run your own using our facilities.

Meet Patrick Miller!

Patrick joined us as our Director of Retreats in 2015. From Reading, PA, he has had many years of experience as a professional chef and serving guests from places such as Shenandoah National Park, Monterey Bay, CA, and most recently at Boston University.


Patrick is typically running around our camp preparing for and taking care of our guests.  To contact him, please start with emailing him and scheduling a call or meeting.  Email him retreats@campspofford.org.


To effectively cater to multiple groups, please adhere to this timeline.

Retreat Timeline 
10 days after contract receivedContract and deposit due.
4 weeks prior to arrival dateDiscuss requests, music/sound equipment, meeting spaces, etc.
2 weeks prior to arrival dateUpdated head count, meeting space requirements and itinerary due. Confirm food allergies.
1 week prior to arrival dateReview itinerary and confirm final numbers.
Monday before retreat.Accommodations, meeting spaces and meal times confirmed.
Day of ArrivalMeet with Retreat Coordinator.
Discuss questions or issues.
Final payment due.
30 days after arrival dateWe will hold your retreat spot for the next 30 days. If you are interested in rebooking, please contact the Retreat Coordinator.

Camp Spofford Retreat Information-

  • Final bill is due and payable at the beginning of the retreat unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Group deposits are non-refundable and applied to final invoice.
  • Cancellations must be given no less than 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Groups will be responsible for any personal injuries. Groups will be responsible for damages to the facility/equipment by their attendees.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance must be on file for each group.
  • Groups  must have each participant or parent sign a waiver.  Waivers due upon arrival.


Camp Spofford Rules and Regulations-

  • Use of tobacco products, alcohol and nonprescription drugs prohibited on camp grounds.
  • Camp Spofford recommends that each organization has appropriate screenings  for all staff with responsibility for or access to youth.
  • No pets unless they are Service Animals.


Rebooking Policy-

We want all groups who visit Camp Spofford to have the opportunity to rebook their retreat for the following year.  We can offer this up to one full year in advance to allow optimum booking capability for your group.  The best way to insure you have both the date and the space you desire is to rebook upon check-out with the Retreat Coordinator.  Please note that you will have 30 days from check-out to rebook for the following year. Please call the office or  email the retreat coordinator to rebook.  If you fail to rebook within the 30 days your weekend slot will be forfeited and open to other groups to book.

Rebooking requires a $10.00 per expected guest nonrefundable deposit to hold the reservation. The deposit and a signed copy of your personal contract needs to be submitted within 10 days after receiving your contract.

Call or email our Retreat Coordinator with any questions regarding pricing.

General Retreat Pricing- 2 nights, 5 meals and Meeting Space

2 nights, 5 mealsLabor Day- November 1stNovember 1st- EasterEaster- Father's DayFather's Day - Labor Day
Guest Room- Full Room/ per person$125$115$125$175.00
Guest Rooms- Lower Beds Only/ per person$150$140$150$200.00
Guest Rooms- 2 people in a room/ per person
*limited availability*
Guest Rooms- Private Room
*limited availability*
Cabins & Tentels- Full Cabin/ Per Person$95N/A$95$145.00

General Retreat Pricing- 1 night, 3 meals and Meeting Space

1 nights, 3 mealsLabor Day- November 1stNovember 1st- EasterEaster- Father's DayFather's Day - Labor Day
Guest Room- Full Room/ per person$110$100$110$160.00
Guest Rooms- Lower Beds Only/ per person$135$125$135$185
Guest Rooms- 2 people in a room/ per person
*limited availability*
Guest Rooms- Private Room
*limited availability*
Cabins & Tentels- Full Cabin/ Per Person$85N/A$85$135.00

General Retreat Pricing- Individuals Staying Off-Site

Off-SiteLabor Day- November 1stNovember 1st- EasterEaster- Father's DayFather's Day - Labor Day
Usage Per Day/ Per person$10$10$10$15
Meals - Breakfast
Meals- Lunch
Meals - Dinner

Contact the office  for day rental accommodations and rental space for meetings, field days, boat, beach rentals, etc.

All guests must fill out a waiver to participate in activities here at Camp Spofford.

It is the leaders responsibility to make sure all waivers are filled out and signed.

All waivers must be handed in when you arrive here at Camp Spofford.

Please click on the appropriate waiver-

Click here for the under 18 waiver.

Click here for the 18 and over waiver.

Granite Lodge

Completed in 2006, our newest accommodation houses ten units of various sizes, from 1 Queen-sized bed to housing up to 6 people. All have private baths and heat/air conditioning. With three floors and built into the side of a hill, Granite Lodge includes a spacious and comfortable conference room that looks out over Camp Spofford’s playground from the basement level. The first floor opens into a lounge and contains Units 1 through 5. Units 6 through 10 are accessible through stair-wells. Linens are provided during Family Camp.

The Chalet

A European-style chalet with four rooms on the first floor and two rooms on the second floor, all opening to a spacious common area with a vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace. Most rooms have a queen-sized mattress and at least two custom-made, built-in bunk beds. All rooms have heat/air conditioning and a private bath. During the summer, Camp Spofford’s night life happens downstairs in Knute’s cafe, convenient for families wanting to keep close tabs on their kids. Linens are provided during Family Camp.


Two hotel-style units opening onto a common porch that looks out at the Chalet. Each room sleeps up to 6 people with one full-sized bed, two built-in bunks, a private bath and air conditioning. Linens are provided during Family Camp.


This building has two rooms on the main floor, each with one queen-sized bed and two bunks. Both rooms have heat/air conditioning and private baths. A third room is located on the same floor, complete with a queen bed, 5 bunks, and a new bathroom, and of course, heat/air conditioning. Linens are provided during Family Camp.


This charming accommodation has two separate units nestled in the trees behind our dining hall. While sharing a common porch, each unit opens into a furnished living room area and has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with two bunks. Each unit can hold up to 8 people if using the fold-out couch within the living room. Private bath and heat/air conditioning. Linens are provided. (Minimum of 4 to reserve these units)


What is a tentel? Think rustic meets vintage. Each tentel has two sides with a double bed and one bunk per side. Families of up to 4 can reserve half of a tentel. A door in the middle can be opened to accommodate families with more than four members, though an additional fee is applied to families of up to four who want to use both sides of a tentel. A bathhouse with showers is within easy walking distance. A window fan is included. Linens and blankets are NOT included in the weekly rates, though there is an OPTIONAL LINEN SERVICE: $40. This includes full sets of sheets and blankets based on the number of people within your unit, as well as a towel, wash cloth and hand towel for each person within your unit. Please note: No pillows provided.


We have campsites for trailers and tents. Sites have electric and water hook-up. Meals and children’s programs are NOT included in the price. No open fires are permitted; please bring grills or camp stoves. A central bathhouse with showers is available for all sites. Children’s programs and meals in the dining hall may be purchased in the office.

Newly renovated Lakeside and Lakeside Annex is also available for large, extended families or groups. This beautiful lodge in its entirety can sleep 22-24 people. Call the office for pricing and availability.

Gathering Places


The Gymnasium is a multi-purpose facility with a full-size basketball court, exercise facility, game room, lounge, and climbing wall!


Meeting Spaces

Outdoor Courts

Knute’s Kafe

What is the first step?
The first step is contacting our Retreat Coordinator for pricing and availability.  You can contact a representative by emailing Patrick at retreats@campspofford.org or by calling (603) 363-4788.  It will be helpful to have answers to the following questions so that we can provide you with a personalized group rate quote as well as confirm availability:

  1. Group Type?
  2. Date of event?
  3. How Many People?
  4. How Many Nights?
  5. Do you need a meeting room? 
  6. What meals do you require?
  7. Any other special requests that we need to be aware of?  Perhaps, you would like to add a campfire, rock wall or black light dodgeball.

What is included in a retreat package?
It depends but, most group package include lodging, meals, meeting room and all activities that are on property.  We work with each group to provide a personalized quote specific to your group needs

Our group has decided to book, now what?
The next step is contracting.  Contact the Retreat Coordinator who provided you with the group rate quote.  They will confirm that the requested dates are still available and that all the details of your event are accurate.  Once confirmed, we will write the contract and email it along with our policies and waivers to the group leader.  Please note:  The scheduled reservation has been only tentatively reserved until Camp Spofford receives from your group the designated $10.00 non-refundable per expected guest deposit and one copy of the signed contract. If the signed contract and deposit are not received within 10 days of the contract date, we cannot guarantee your requested dates with us. 

What deposit is required to secure our group event?
A small deposit is requested to secure the event.  The amount of the deposit is $10.00 per expected quest.  The deposit is non-refundable.

Regarding Housing how and when do we find out where we are staying and which meeting space we have?
Once every group attending submits their final counts, then the Retreat Coordinator will send out housing and meeting space details. *Note* A request can be submitted to which housing and meeting space you would prefer but camp has the right to change housing and meeting spaces depending on size of groups and housing restrictions.

While making my groups schedule for my stay are there any details or activities I should know?
Yes, please note the following items when writing your schedule

  1. We have standard meal times: 8 am breakfast, 12 pm lunch and 5 pm dinner.
  2. The following events and activities are seasonal, but when planning you will need to reserve time slots with the Retreat Coordinator.
    Rock WallAvailableAvailableAvailableIncluded/ Needs to be reserved
    Black Light DodgeballAvailableAvailableAvailableIncluded/ Needs to be reserved
    ArcheryAvailableN/AAvailableIncluded/ Needs to be reserved
    Low RopesAvailableN/AAvailableIncluded/ Needs to be reserved
    Camp Fire by the LakeAvailableAvailableAvailableIncluded/ Needs to be reserved
    Kayaks and CanoesAvailable Weather PermittingN/AAvailable after Memorial DayIncluded/ Needs to be reserved
    Pontoon Boat RidesAvailable Weather PermittingN/AAvailable after Memorial Day$90.00 per hour/ Needs to be reserved
    Ski BoatsAvailable Weather PermittingN/AAvailable after Memorial Day$150.00 per hour/ Needs to be reserved

    *Please Note that you may not be the only group that is on site, we work hard to organize all the events to insure a great experience.  Please be flexible if there are slight time changes to your first submission of itinerary*
  3. These are other activities we have on site that do not need to be reserved but are on a first come first serve basis. 
    ActivityFallWinterSpringAdditional Information
    Ice SkatingN/AAvailableN/AOutdoor
    Broom BallN/AAvailableN/AOutdoor
    Tubing HillN/AAvailableN/AOutdoor
    Carpet ballAvailableAvailableAvailableIndoor
    Air HockeyAvailableAvailableAvailableIndoor
    Field GamesAvailableN/AAvailableOutdoor


How many accommodations does Camp Spofford have and how many people fit into each accommodation?

Click here for the Camp Spofford housing list.

Click here for a Camp Spofford Retreat Map.


What happens if our group must cancel our event?

Cancellations must be given no less than 30 days prior to arrival.  Your deposit is non-refundable.


What happens if my final head count changes?

You are required to submit a payment for the minimum number of guests that was determined from your 7-day final count submission.  Alternately, payment will be required for all guests in excess of your maximum final count.